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Recce Advertisement mobile application for Android is a measurement app for advertising works like Signage Board, Glow Sign Boards, LED Boards, In-shop Branding and other Signage realted works. This is the only mobile application avainale for Android phones that provides a one-stop solution for Recce work.

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Recce Management Mobile Application for Android

Recce Management mobile application for Android is A web-based admin as well as a mobile-based mobile application specially designed developed and managed for the survey of the recce location and capture images for signage boar, area measurement for complete marketing space. Using this mobile application, a customer and client can get an idea about the exact visibility of the location with correct measurement and provide design accordingly. Auto-generated Email, Notification, Email, and SMS is sent to all concerned team, admin and owner which helps faster and acurate delivery to customers and surpasses manual work.

The objective of Recce Advertisements Mobile Application
  • ckeck Complete Measurement of board size and shop details
  • ckeck Recording of specific data with board specifications
  • ckeck Capture all images of areas where the signage board needs to be installed
  • ckeck Marking of actual sizes of the boards as per location
  • ckeck Live tracking via Admin of the Recee team
  • ckeck Easy reporting for Admin and Client

Site/Location survey/Recce
  • ckeck Effective route plan for the vendor team to cover 100% locations in predefined TAT
  • ckeck Retail profiling - locating and checking the on-ground availability of the store
  • ckeck Determine the right signage based on the space availability
  • ckeck Identify installation requirements
  • ckeck Take actual size for right creative adaptation and thereby production
  • ckeck Supporting all the data with digital photographs as reference for design purpose

Production & Installation

This is the part where one needs to be careful as it involves both, huge effort and cost at. It comprises of:

Experience Team

Finalizing the message content for the signage

24X7 Support

Artwork adaptation based on brand guidelines and the site recce

On-Time Project Delivery

Conducting a pilot roll out to confirm processes and procedures

Confidential Details

Training the field team to accommodate adjustments


Luxon Systems ensures online reporting from site survey to production followed by the installation is reported online through its in-house application. Following are the benefits-

  • ckeck 100% real-time reporting of the store survey and recce report
  • ckeck Visual photographs available for design reference
  • ckeck Client access enabled for real-time feedback and improvements
  • ckeck Program status – ensuring customized graphical representation through client access
  • ckeck Quality work: every installation is thoroughly checked on-field and through online reporting

Luxonsystems is and has been associated with a number of big and small brands for completing end to end large scale signage implementation programs and has been successful throughout.

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